The club will be re-opening this evening from 5pm.

Monday - Thursday: 5pm - 11pm
Friday - Sunday: 12 noon - 11pm

Wednesday - Bingo
Saturday - Music (No Dancing)
Sunday - Quiz

Until further notice, we are currently unable to provide our normal Food menu.


  • Step 1a: which was on the 8th March was to reopen the schools.
  • Step 1b: which came in today, allows for groups of up to six people from two families to meet outside in back gardens etc.
  • Step 2: 12th April Pubs can open to do outside table service only.
  • Step 3: 17th May Pubs can reopen on the inside, and not have any restrictions re the purchase of a substantial meal etc.
  • Step 4: 21st June, Social Clubs and Night Clubs, can reopen for large social gatherings.

Further Comments: 

  • Your Committee have met regularly every two weeks via zoom meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic, where we are constantly reviewing all aspects of what we can do. Therefore the committee have upon review decided that it would not be financially viable to re-open on “Step2” on the 12th April and only be able to offer an outside table service, so therefore we have decided to stay closed until the “Step 3” date which is hopefully on or after the 17th May.
  • Our AGM which is normally held on the third Sunday in March, is being deferred until around August time, date to be confirmed later.
  • We are pleased to announce that the hall will be used again as the local polling station, this year on Thursday 6th May, for the Greater London Authority Elections.


On Arrival
It is a legal requirement that you provide the following on arrival:

  • Full name
  • Membership Number
  • Contact Telephone Number

These details must be clearly printed. (The NHS are producing a telephone ‘app’ which we will be looking to introduce when it is available to help with this tracking and tracing)

Face Masks
These must be worn at all times, when entering, leaving or moving around inside the Club; you can, however, remove it once you are seated at a table while you are eating and drinking.

Purchasing Drinks
Service is now only permitted from a table; you cannot approach the bar to make your purchases and you are not permitted to stand or walk around while drinking. We request that wherever possible please make payment by card for your purchases; this will help speed up service and also keep everybody safe.

Playing Snooker, Pool and Darts
We are of the belief that these can continue for the time being, however, the total amount of people playing at any one time is 5, Social Distancing must be observed, and face masks must be worn at all times. The Snooker room is restricted to Members only.

These new arrangements are not only the new requirements laid out by the Government, but are also in place to keep you, other club members and staff protected and safe and we hope that you will feel as reassured that we are doing as much as possible. We hope that you will come and visit the Club, which in turn will help us to keep it viable for the future.

COVID19 - Facemasks
COVID19 - Club Needs You 2

As part of our Covid-19 measures, we have:

  • Carried out an in-depth risk assessment of all our club’s activities and how we do things to make sure that we all stay safe and implemented a number of Covid-19 safety notices throughout the club.
  • We have introduced a one-way entry and exit system around the Club.
  • We have introduced a track and trace procedure into the club, to record all members and their guest’s visits, upon arrival into the club.
  • We have implemented antibacterial hand cleaning points within the club.
  • We have installed Perspex screens between the bar staff and our customers for the safe ordering of drinks.
  • Removed tables and chairs, so that social distancing can always be observed.
  • We have introduced a Green and Red tables system – Green tables can be used, and Red tables are out of use.
  • We have temporary changed our opening hours and days, to maximise the hours when we are busy and close when it is not viable, to help to maximise profits and reduce running costs.
  • While we currently cannot have any social activities that include dancing, or vocal activities or contact games like playing cards excreta, because of the current Government safety advice. We have introduced a social music listening evening on Saturday nights, and a weekly quiz night every Sunday evening.
  • We have substituted our weekly Friday night raffles, where you had to purchase raffle tickets, with other fun type draws.

We are constantly reviewing all of our processes and procedures in accordance with the Governments latest safety advise, so that we stay on top of all of the changes, and reimplement things as soon as we can, as we strived to return to as near as possible to normality while always keeping both or members and our staff safe.

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