Club Special Event: A Wake for Deceased Members

Because of COVID restrictions that were imposed across the county, it was not possible to accord our usual hospitality for members who have passed away over the past 18 months in our usual Home Guard tradition.

During those months we sadly lost:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Stella Johnston
  • Mr. Richard Morrissey
  • Mrs. Pat Furnell
  • Mrs. Val Bettles
  • Mr. Chris Burgess
  • Mrs. Yvonne Robinson
  • Mr. Bernard Solomon
  • Mr. Ivan Brown
  • Mr. Colin Watts,

and past members

  • Mr. Tom Troke
  • Mr. Tony Withey
  • Mr. Bill Phelps
  • Mr. Martin Deacon
  • Mr. Greg Coldwell

So your Committee have arranged to hold a joint wake to remember, pay our respects and say goodbye to the passing of those members and passed members

Peter Edwards

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